Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The journey out: In pictures

Sophomore Callie Lefevre was studying in Beirut earlier this summer. She was evacuated by International SOS, a private security consulting firm with whom the University contracted. (Read Princetonian Staff Writer Julia Osellame story about Lefevre's journey out of Lebanon.) Here, Lefevre shares several pictures she took of her experience.

"Me (left) and Emily Norris on the SOS bus Sunday afternoon, about to leave Beirut. See how many empty seats?"

"The view from the window of the bus as we're leaving."

"The Syrian border."

"The SOS leader redistributing our passports at the Syrian border."

"U.N. vans at the Damascus airport as we pull up."

"Me distracting myself by reading on the plane to Cyprus, it's about 5:30 am on Monday morning now."

"View from our hotel in Cyprus. Is that ridiculous?"

"Myself and Emily at the Cyprus airport, waiting to board our plane to London. Those bags are all we could take with us, our real suitcases are still in Beirut. From London we would fly back to the states."

"Finally reunited with my mom in the Newark airport."


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